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Two pieces of information that you should never overlook when performing a search on a Patent Family (PART I)

I would say that the most common (and known) document in regard to a declaration of known prior art filed by the patent proprietor or its representative is the Information Disclosure Statement (IDS), compulsory in the US Patent procedure. 

However, when doing a search of any kind related to a concrete patent family, there are two less known documents that should always be examined and added to your search report/portfolio: the Indian Form 3 and the Israeli Declaration in accordance with regulation 36.2. These two documents contain not only a declaration of previous prior art but also a list of all related and/or dependent patents filed all over the world in a given patent family. 

The following steps will show you how to access the Israeli document. Indian Form 3 will follow in a few weeks. I promise. 

Israel Patent Office

Click on the following link to go to the site:

You will find the whole web in Hebrew. Do not panic!
Right on your left corner you will find the “English” option. Click on it and your life will be much easier.
Enter the application number on the blank field:

You will find the application that you are looking for right in the middle of the web page. Let´s take this Nissan application as an example:

Click on the title to access the database. The following screen will appear: 

Click on the arrow just before “Communication regarding a new application” and a menu will expand. The document you are looking for is named “Applicant response in accordance with regulation 36.2”:

Click on the diskette symbol and save it where desired.

Open it and use the content to your own purpose.

Of course, the accuracy of the information contained in this document depends, as always, on the diligence of the patent proprietor as well as of the representative (if any) and their honest aim to comply with their legal duty and duty of candor. 

On the other hand, the actual relevance of the information will depend on your specific need, but I truly hope that you find some value on this piece of information.

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